Friday, March 4, 2011

Came out of the black hole...

Known as my desk, doing the work known as ELY. And here it is! Out of context, these are just the paintings themselves. They are a series of editorial works correlating with articles about various topics relating to youth culture. In order, the content of the paintings address gay suicide, the Larry Clark film 'Wassup Rockers', dating violence prevalent among bisexual teens, and prescription drug addiction worsened by the easy availability of medication from pain clinics such as in FL. For the show each of these will be presented in print form along side their corresponding articles. The show is on Sunday, March 20th at 320 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA. There is going to be a ridiculous amount of awesome artwork hanging and some munchies and good times and whatnot, so come! support! It's undoubtedly worth checking out.