Tuesday, April 20, 2010

coupla things

I want a lot more pictures on this thing. So, I scanned one of my first illustration methods projects, an old collage I did my sophomore year for an experimental portfolio piece, and a few sketchbook pages, one of which is for an assignment in Fig. utilization.

I call this one Baked, illustrating a word of our choosing. I get mellow just looking at this one, b&w done in acrylic, ink and charcoal. ( this is on here already but this one's better not -phone quality)

This was an experimental portfolio piece sophomore year, done with collaged photographs I took in Miami and a few other materials.

I really couldn't even explain this beyond "Kermit and the Skeleton Love", and I can't explain that at all.

The baddest bitch, with authentic cat-scratch blood smear

and my sketch for my final fig. utilization assignment. We took a cute little field trip to the Mutter museum, and all in all I took nothing from it. The assignment is about the human condition, our fragility and strength, and I took all my inspiration from a book I am currently reading, A lexicon of Terror. The book is about the Argentine Dirty War, this image is about the limits of the human mind and body and the affects of torture on a person. The Desaparecidos were tortured endlessly and were constantly being subjected to a cruel spin on everyday vocabulary in disgusting contexts. "On a mal dans sa peau" from the text meaning "we are uneasy in our skin" is the phrase I included along side, for the final it may create the entire background. That's all for now, Semester is nearing its end which means more to come!


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