Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last of the King days

This is my final piece for Paul King's class, my Dirty War piece about the human condition (the painting of my sketch from the last post.) I Sprayed a bronze base, then worked up the acrylic, and lots and lots of layers of words. The plays on these words themselves were what made the aftermath harder to cope with.

And this is a rough sketch for my final assignment for Illustration Methods, the second of the two pieces done editorially. This one's for an article in Bust magazine called "Sausage Party" about the vast outnumbering of boys to girls in China due to the one child per family law. By the time many of these guys start to look for spouses, they may find themselves S.O.L.
Had a lot of fun drawing this, I plan on doing it in acrylics& mixed media.

I also just got back one of my non-silver prints from the elective, so I'm probably going to scan a few of those soon. That was a really cool class, I would definitely recommend, it's a really interesting process.


  1. i LOVED this, linda, one of my favorite pieces up on the wall, would have said something during but i was very... very stoned.

  2. i really like the last of the king days, really kool.